Donors... You Did It!

We had a generous matching challenge, our largest ever, in winter 2022 in celebration of BRLT’s 25th Anniversary. Several long-time local families, local businesses, and organizations recognize how fulfilling this continued need will be to benefit open lands and our community. That’s why they have generously stepped up to offer a combined $75,000 match if BRLT received 300 donations by 12/31/22.

We asked you to rise to the challenge and be one of 300 donors to make contributions to unlock this match. And, YOU DID IT!

Thank you for your generous support. Take a look below to see exactly what your donations are going to make possible in 2023 and beyond.

Our valley is speaking to you. Are you listening?

Whether you realize it or not, the Bitterroot Valley speaks to you in many different ways and in your own exciting, unique language.

It’s there when: That trout rises to eat your floating fly; the vibrant colors of the sunrise over the Sapphires greet you on your morning work commute; the cow elk you’ve been hunting feeds your family; your exploring child or grandchild finds a feather or leftover animal bone with a look of sheer joy and wonder; the huge bald eagle flies off after you’ve gotten too close; and when the steam rises from a newborn calf, and you know you’re the first one welcoming it to the world.

All of these experiences that encapsulate our one-of-a-kind Bitterroot way of life would not exist if together we did not conserve the settings where these experiences take place: The Bitterroot River, habitat for elk and other wildlife, local farms and ranches, and riverfront parks and trails.

Help us make our match!

Donate Now

Our valley is the lifeblood of our community, and it needs you to protect it. This is conservation.

What will your donation support?

  • 13 active projects totaling 3,700 acres are set to close over the next two years! These landowners are located throughout the valley, including Victor, Ambrose/Three Mile, Darby, Corvallis, Hamilton, and Stevensville.
  • Additional public recreational infrastructure at C. Ben White Memorial Fishing Access Site in Conner.
  • Restoration on conserved lands throughout the Bitterroot, including riparian habitat along Bear Creek,sagebrush uplands in the Sapphire foothills, restoration plantings at Skalkaho Bend Park, and connecting landowners with resources to promote the natural qualities on their land… with more to come!

With your gift today, we can continue to create opportunities for local landowners across the valley who understand the urgency behind conserving this land NOW, before it is too late. Instead of selling to the highest bidder, these landowners are searching for a better option to preserve the Bitterroot Valley’s agricultural heritage, rural community identity, and create public recreational access-hiking, fishing, and hunting access… for you.