Our Rural Heritage, Our Way of Life, Our Future

Imagine the Bitterroot Valley without its verdant green fields dotted with cows and calves. Or native westslope cutthroat trout weren’t here to fish. Or the familiar silhouette of an osprey overhead.

Most of us can’t imagine that.

Like many rural and beautiful mountain valleys, growth and development can outpace conservation. Agricultural land, wildlife habitat, evergreen forests, and access to our creeks and rivers are lost each year.

And once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

The good news is we can still make a difference for today, and for the future.

Conservation provides a means for landowners and communities to pass on their heritage, love of the land, and way of life to future generations. That’s why it is our mission to partner with local landowners, businesses, municipalities, and community members to protect these values so they will be here forever.

Working Farms and Ranches

The backbone of our economy and the rural beauty of our valley, working lands are integral to our heritage and way of life. Farmers and ranchers are the face of our western Montana valley.

Rivers, Streams, and Wetlands

The Bitterroot River and its tributaries stitch together a valley full of prime habitat for local and migrating birds, herd animals like elk and mule deer, and native trout species, like the westslope cutthroat to spawn each year in our cold, clear mountain creeks.

Wildlife Habitat

The Bitterroot Valley is uniquely situated within a larger Rocky Mountain regional area important to conservation of wildlife habitat. Migratory birds such as sandhill cranes, and local species like mule deer rely on open lands, especially farm and ranch lands.

Park Lands and Recreational Access

At the heart of our mission are children and families. Creating spaces that provide access to nature, close to home, is how we inspire the next generation of conservationists. Projects like these protect wildlife habitat, access to the Bitterroot River, and connect our community to the land.