Our Promise to the Land

Land stewardship is an important part of our mission. Permanent conservation means not only protecting land, but keeping it in good condition, too.  We work side-by-side with landowners to protect their cherished lands and we are committed to partnering with landowners to uphold the terms of the conservation easement through stewardship practices and annual monitoring.

The Bitter Root Land Trust is dedicated to assisting landowners with restoration or enhancement of the health and vitality of their land. Our stewardship assistance ranges from identifying opportunities for restoring natural habitat to identifying funding sources to help offset the costs of these projects.

Annual Monitoring of Protected Lands

Each year, our stewardship team visits every property we’ve helped protect to ensure that the terms of our conservation agreements are being met. This thorough monitoring process also allows us to continue building our relationship with the landowners who have worked with us in the past to conserve their land.

We meet with landowners during these monitoring visits, help answer questions about habitat quality, land use, and other issues that may impact their vision for the future of their property.  At least once a year, we meet with each landowner to monitor the easement and discuss changes in the land and any landowner concerns.

If you have questions related to land stewardship, or want to find out about current stewardship projects, feel free to contact Rhiannon Klingonsmith, Stewardship Director, by phone at (406) 375-0956 or email her at rhiannon@bitterrootlandtrust.org with your inquiry.