Skalkaho Bend Park

Noxious Weeds on the Run

The Skalkaho Bend Park project was truly a team effort. We are grateful for our partnership with the Hamilton High School cross-country team whose athletes have stepped up for the second year in a row to assist with the removal of noxious weeds.

The runners were excited to volunteer their time at the beginning of the season removing weeds, helping to maintain the area for the public to enjoy.

Sophomore Colter looks up from a patch of knapweed, “We need more land that’s close by for people to use.  Having the river run right through is so important.”

The cross-country team is happy to have added the park to their training route because it’s so close to home and school.  Team member Jake wants parents and teachers to know, “It’s important to protect lands for the community, being able to bike, fish, run. It’s not always easy for people to get to the river and have access to outdoor activities.”

Creating this park with you–our supporters–is a momentous accomplishment for the entire community.  Caring for the land is the next step. We’ve only just begun with volunteer projects like this.

As Cheyenne, a sophomore on the team, puts it,

“I always want to give back. I’m glad I get the opportunity.  I’ve lived outside of Montana, and the truth is, you don’t have places like this–mountains, rivers, nature. We get to run here. It makes you feel lucky and grateful.”

And she feels lucky because of you.

Caring supporters like you who make it possible to bring more young people to land and water, in a way that is meaningful to them.