Your gift of stock can make a difference

A gift of stock is a great way to help avoid capital gains taxes, receive an income tax deduction, and support local land conservation of our beautiful Bitterroot Valley.

Your support will make a big difference and help conserve the valley’s cold, clear water, farms and ranches we hold dear, and safeguard public recreational areas for kids and families, close to home.

Without a doubt, you’ll be investing in the future of the Bitterroot Valley.

How to donate a gift of stock

Transferring stock to Bitter Root Land Trust is easy to do.  It’s also a great way to maximize your Federal and State income tax deductions to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Your income tax donation is based upon the current market value of the stock at the time you donate it.

Please remember that it may take several days for your broker to complete a transfer of stock, so plan adequate time if it is important to complete the transfer by year-end.

For stock transfer instructions and questions, please give Lauren Rennaker, Development Director a call at 406.375.0956 or send her an email at

After you have completed the transfer, please contact Lauren Rennaker, and let us know the arrangements that you have made. This is important because your broker may not include your name in the transfer and we may not know who the gift is from. Notifying us enables us to track the transfer and acknowledge your gift promptly.

John Ormiston, BOD“Open, healthy land capable of sustaining wildlife populations and people is the most important legacy we can leave future generations of Montanans.”

John Ormiston, Board Member

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NOTE: You will need to provide your name, number of shares, and the name of the stock or the stock code. We need your name so that we can properly thank you. Please consult your financial adviser as well.

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