You can change the future with a gift of land or property

Are you interested in donating your house, a second home or business, a retirement home, or a piece of property that was part of your investments? If so, you would likely receive a tax deduction for the full value of your gift.

Bitter Root Land Trust accepts gifts of real estate, such as residential properties, and businesses specifically for the purpose of re-selling them and applying the funds to further our outreach and conservation efforts.

These gifts can make a significant impact on our ability to serve the conservation needs of the Bitterroot Valley.

We also periodically accept gifts of land that could become a new Public Conservation Area similar to Steve Powell Park in Hamilton or Thomas Fishing Access Site.

Prior to accepting such a generous gift, Bitter Root Land Trust staff and board will work with you to determine if it’s suitable for the organization to accept it.

To clarify next steps please contact your financial advisor and call Gavin Ricklefs, Executive Director, at 406.375.0956 or email him at and he will be happy to help you.

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